Prank Request Service

Provided by JB_Warsmith

The Prank Request Service is a chance for viewers to interact with their favorite Hyperminer and make an impact on the server.
Requests can be made to JB_Warsmith in a message

Prank rules!

  1. No griefing pranks!

    No obsidian, or filling bases with water, lava etc.

  2. Nothing to extravagant!

    I wont build an entire city as a prank. Remember that i'm doing this all alone and i have to grind all the resources by my self.
    Also i'm limited for time, so i can't spend all week gathering resources for one prank.

  3. You provide all the details of the prank!

    This includes redstone diagrams, blueprints, images or youtube videos etc., so i can make exactly what you want.

  4. Every prank comes with a sign!

    You provide a message for the Hyperminer you want to prank.
    I will ad extra signs of my own to advertice the Prank Request Service.

  5. Gift pranks are ok, butt...!

    I won't give away all my diamonds.
    I will consider gift pranks, if the item has a relevance to the Hyperminer and/or your relationship, etc.
    Remember that items can be named :-)

  6. I pick the pranks!

    Since I have limited time and resources, i wont be able to do all the prank requests!
    I will pick the ones i find worthy for the server and the pranker will be notified directly when it's ready.